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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Desk duty again

It's Thursday and I have desk duty in the manuscript reading room again. There is only one visitor, and she manages by herself. The number of visitors varies greatly, sometimes there are very few and some days large groups of students sit here and study old books and manuscripts. The Library Science Faculty sends a lot of students over to our library, both for library science studies and book history studies. We have a fairly large collection of books printed before the year 1800, and many of those items are rare.

Tomorrow I will go to Kristianstad city library to put up an exhibit on the life and music of Leroy Anderson. I have been working on that for quite some time now. I have asked my more technically gifted colleagues for help on several things and the media department made a large poster. I even got the book binder to make a transport casing especially for the oversize printed material. It's very useful to know people like that.

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