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Tuesday, February 5, 2008


I spent most of Friday at the library in Kristianstad, arranging the exhibit material. It took a long time to get everything in place, especially since many visitors stopped by to ask what I was doing..... There was also a reporter from a local newspaper asking questions about the centennial (it ended up being a nice little article on Saturday). The exhibit is divided, so that Leroy Anderson's music and career (along with a very old typewriter from Norra Strö!) can be viewed on the ground floor, next to the music department. The part about his ancestors and family is placed one floor down, where the genealogy department is. The opening of the exhibit(s) on Saturday marked the official start of the Swedish Leroy Anderson centennial year. One of the orchestras was brought to the library and played Syncopated Clock and Belle of the Ball. Very nice. The opening speech was held by yours truly (again, not my kind of thing, but I survived). The ticket sales started on Saturday also, and there seems to have been a great demand on the tickets. Five hours after the start, I walked over to the sales office and asked how it went and got the answer: "Very, very well."

Sunday I rested, but Monday was another committee meeting. We didn't really decide on anything, we mainly discussed all the things we have to do on the concert day. I arrived back home late yesterday. After a busy day at work I picked up a package at the post office. I had no idea who sent it, but it turned out to be from relatives in Chicago (thank you Jeane!), who know what my favourite candy is - M&M peanuts! The postal service seems to be a little slow, however. It took seven weeks before it got here.

I forgot to write that today is Shrove Tuesday, the day we traditionally eat lenten buns (with whipped cream and almond paste). We were treated to one each at work - very tasty.

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