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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Boring times

It was (and still is) a long recovery time after the last chemo injection. It has been tedious and uncomfortable in several different ways. I have been so incredibly bored. The chemo makes you inactive and there is no energy to do anything. This Monday I had to go to the nearest mall because I had run out of a supplement I need to ease the side effects. It was a short visit but I was exhausted when I returned home.

The weather here is pretty bad with high winds and a lot of rain. Typical of a Swedish fall season. Not what I was hoping for, since I really should go out for walks. I have to start getting some exercise now that I have endured the last of the chemo. (And I can't believe that it's finally over!)

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Nice dinner

Wednesday was a busy day. I had to go to the hospital again for blood tests. I spent most of the day at work, both for a meeting with my boss and to talk to colleagues. In the evening I attended an information session at the radiation department at the hospital. They showed us a film of how the machines work and how the radiation treatment functions. We also got to see the the actual machines used for it. It was quite interesting to see. I will start getting my treatments in about three weeks.

Thursday the social club at work had arranged a bus trip to Copenhagen but I couldn't go. I did however join my colleagues for the fabulous dinner at a restaurant in Malmö afterwards. It was a very nice arrangement. It was a buffet style place with very high quality assortment. Lots of salmon, herring, shrimp salad, crayfish, clams, all kinds of meat and a large selection of cheeses. The dessert tray was incredible.

Friday I got the last chemo therapy injection. I can't believe there actually would be an end to this madness. There will be many more visits to the hospital but not for that horrible thing. It really is hard to get through the side effects. Right now I feel pretty bad, there is pain everywhere and my stomach is objecting to it all. I shouldn't go outside because I have no immune defense. It's just a matter of enduring the following days. From experience I know that it will be better at the end of the week.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Genealogy fair

This past week I have watched TV quite a lot. There were a few sport events of interest, mainly athletics and the European championships in equestrian sport. The show jumping event was won by a Swede so that was successful.

The main thing this week was the annual Genealogy Fair, this time in Halmstad. Attending it was one of my goals for the year. I had already started planning for how I could get there by train when I got an e-mail from a colleague asking if I was going to Halmstad. She was going to drive there, and I was very happy to get a ride with her instead. We spent Saturday afternoon at the fair, looking at (and buying some) books, talking to vendors, searching the databases available and checking out what was new (everybody was talking about DNA!). We also attended a lecture on emigrant research. In all, it was a nice day but we were very tired afterwards.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Surprise letter

It has been an incredibly boring week. I have done very little. The side effects from the chemo are not pleasant at all. I have major stomach problems. It's worse than last time. The strange thing is that I'm hungry. To ridiculous levels. Some nights I have to get up and get something to eat because I'm so hungry I can't sleep. The doctor called this Friday to ask how I was doing (I wonder if this is normal, they cannot possibly have time for this). She was surprised to hear that it was worse this time because they had made a mistake and given me a lower dose than she had ordered. Sigh.

There is one thing that has happened worth mentioning and it has nothing to do with illness. Last week my father received a letter from America. We were very surprised. The sender was no one we knew. It turns out that my father's grandmother had several uncles and cousins who emigrated, and one of their descendants had now done research and found my father to be a relative. I have known for quite a while that those relatives emigrated and did locate them in the US (Chicago and Colorado) but never contacted any living relatives. I thought the distance in relationship was too far. The person who wanted to reconnect would be my father's third cousin. We are now exchanging family information by e-mail.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Actual size cars and model trains

Wednesday last week I went to the summerhouse, where my sister and her family also were staying. We did some excursions around Skåne. On the Friday we went to an automobile museum at Simrishamn. There were over 120 cars on display; the oldest a Danish vehicle from 1898 and the newest a dragster from 2014. It was a big place. There were also motorcycles and in separate rooms toys and phonographs. It was quite an interesting museum even for someone who normally wouldn't be into cars.

Another day we went to a model train museum at Hässleholm. It was a rather large display with built-up landscapes and towns with railway lines. It was local towns so we recognized several places. It was a very detailed display with people working on or near the tracks, trucks on the roads, people waiting at stations and trains going by. This was also a nice museum to visit. After a massive brunch at the golf club we continued on to a farm where there was a fishing pond. The kids wanted to go fishing, but the interest faded after a while so the adults took over. There was unfortunately no fish in sight. Instead my father showed us one of his best places to find mushrooms in a nearby forest. We did get some chanterelles that we had on toasted bread later. Very tasty.

Apart from this we mostly took it easy, relaxing in the sun and playing with the kids. The weather is a little better but still there is a fair amount of rain. I returned home yesterday and that was a journey I never want to experience again. There were big problems with the trains. I went on one bus, three trains and one bus. Total time five hours. The issues were not solved this morning so I had to take a bus again. I went to the hospital for blood tests today. Tomorrow it's time for another chemo injection.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Side effects

This new chemo has some weird side effects. I feel rather strange and have stomach problems but it's not at all what they told me. The nurse said that I would not have an appetite, get a headache, get nauseated and possibly vomit. I haven't noticed any of this, which I am grateful for. On the contrary, I am hungry.

Because my immune defense is very low I only made some very short trips outside the apartment the first week. I had to get more food since I had a surprisingly big interest in eating. There is a small convenience store two blocks away so that's where I went. The weather has been terrible with lots of rain. I have enjoyed my balcony only a few times this summer. Needless to say, I have been incredibly bored. There is a limit to how many crosswords I can solve. To keep sane I have started a new research project. It's a list of all the emigrants from a small parish near my home parish. Hopefully this will keep me busy for a while.

This Monday I had to go to the hospital for some blood tests. Afterwards I stopped by at the library to hand in some documents. A few people were on duty and they all asked how I was doing. Even though I tried to give short answers it took a long time to get from the entrance up to my office on the 5th floor. I have very talkative colleagues.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Museum visit

There were some problems with the port-a-cath so I had to go back to the hospital for some tests. Everything was ok according to the EKG. After some discussions, both with the doctor on duty and the doctors who inserted the device, it was decided that I will have to endure it. Once the port-a-cath is in they can't make any adjustments. It seems like it's situated a tiny bit too far down in the vein, so it affects my heart in an unwanted way. My heart races occasionally. This was very noticeable the first week but it has calmed down now.

Wednesday my mother and her boyfriend came to stay for a night. Thursday we went to the Kulturen museum in Lund. It is both an outdoor museum with old buildings and halls with arranged exhibits. I hadn't been there in quite a while. We saw exhibits on fashion history, glassware and a comedy duo called "Hasse & Tage". For this last exhibit they had borrowed archive material from my library. All was very interesting to see. After this we continued on to a mall for a herring lunch and some shopping. I was also able to get rid of some junk from my attic. Part of it was handed over to the charity shop and the rest to the recycling place.

Yesterday I got another chemo injection. It's a new kind that has other side effects. I have already noticed some of them. I have stomach problems. Not nice at all.

I hope that the attendants at the Nelson Family Reunion in Milaca tomorrow will have a great time!