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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Book searching

I have visited my workplace every day for a week now. My great grandfather worked at a large company and I have searched for information about it. There was quite a lot and I have written a couple of pages about it in the book. Tomorrow I'm going to Stockholm to visit relatives. They have dug into their family archives and have located some old letters and photos for me, so I will go there to look at it and bring some of it home.

Today I was at work to actually work. The social club board had a meeting to discuss the upcoming Christmas party. It was also a convenient day to visit, because the building administration treated us all for lunch. Probably a bribe or consolation for the mess the leaking sprinkler system has caused. The woman who works with preservation said that all the books survived in pretty good shape, thanks to the staff members who worked very quickly to get them frozen. Today I also solved a mystery here. Four book boxes were missing on the shelf and it looked like they had never been there, there was no space for them. After three others had searched I found the boxes on a cart five meters away. I got a chocolate bar as a reward. My reputation as a book locating detective is still intact.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Water and books should be kept apart

My life is mostly about research these days. I have made it to a couple of malls, and at my favorite one outside Helsingborg I bought a long ash grey cardigan. But mostly I sit long hours in front of a computer, either at home, at the library or at the archive. I was at the library last Friday and that was not pleasant. The brand new sprinkler system collapsed and water poured out over the floors and book cases in the public areas of the library. Our visitors have never seen so many staff members at once. Librarians are rarely seen running in the corridors, but this was not an ordinary day. We got the situation under control in about one hour, with the help of the cleaning staff. We were lucky, only three books were damaged by the water. We don't count the two chairs, the table or the poster in the exhibit hall.

I was at the library during the weekend and I could hear the sprinkler company people work in the building. The research I did there was a success, I found a piece of information I never thought I would get. Olga wrote in her almanacs many times from about 1947 to 1978 that she had either written to or received a letter from "Gladys in America". That was it. No address, no last name, no indication to who this woman was. Very frustrating. It turns out that Olga's brother-in-law Christian had several nephews who emigrated around 1910-1914. I found all of them in New York, and one had a daughter named Gladys! I was able to follow her in the records up to 1940, after that it gets difficult, since she probably married. So far I haven't found her in any death records and she might actually still be alive. I don't need to go any further with this case, I'm just happy that I found out who "Gladys in America" was.

Monday morning I got out of bed surprisingly early to go to the Archive Center. I needed to use their databases. After lunch I went to the library and was told by my colleagues that they had had a terrible day. At eight in the morning (before the library opens), a sprinkler pipe had burst and lots of water had damaged a large part of the reference collection. I listened in amazement when they talked about the incredible job they had done. It probably sounds odd, but in order to save water-damaged books, you have to deep freeze them immediately. We have a small freezer and the Archive Center has one, mostly used to prevent vermin from surviving in old paper material. They were both filled with our reference books. This was not enough space, however, so one of the grocery stores now house boxes with our books in their freeze storage!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Fall break at the summerhouse

Last week was fall break for the school kids. My mother made the trip down to the summerhouse Tuesday by train and bus with the two grandkids. I arrived an hour early to get the fridge and heat turned on in the house. It wasn't cold at all, it was around 15 centigrades most of the time. My sister joined us a few days later. We got some things done, we mowed the lawn and burned a lot of fallen tree branches. We used the fire to grill sausages. This weekend we actually bought a pumpkin and carved eyes and a mouth in it. We placed a candle inside and put it out on the deck in the evening. It's not a Swedish custom, but the kids here are taking after the American Halloween traditions. They sometimes also go "trick-or-treating". (And I can see why).

My father came to visit to play with his grandkids mostly. He had been in Stockholm to help getting my 100 year-old grandfather into a permanent care facility. My grandfather, who celebrated his big birthday in May, fell during the summer and broke his hip. He was in hospital for a while, and then in a short term facility. Now my father and his sisters were there to clear out his apartment and divide the items between them. They found lots of old photo albums, some of which my father brought down to give me. It was a real treasure, there were lots of photos depicting many of my father's ancestors. Many photos of his mother I had never seen before. There were also photos of Olga. It seems like her own photos and a scrapbook had ended up in my grandmother's possession. It was great to get all this, but now the book about Olga will be delayed, because I have to add information and images.

For me, the visit to the summerhouse ended Saturday. We went to the cemetery to put flowers on the family graves, and we met a relative there (a living one). My mother's cousin, I hadn't seen him in probably 20 years. He remembered that I was interested in genealogy. After this, we went to a nearby town for afternoon coffee at my mother's friend's place. Then I took the train back home. Sunday I picked up a parcel (these days you most often go to the grocery store to do that). I didn't know what it was, but guessed it was a prize in a consumer competition and I was right. I had handed in the flyer in a store, and won a picnic basket and some gift certificates.

The research for the books I work on continues. I visit my workplace so often that many of my colleagues now think that I have returned to my job, and I have a hard time telling them that I'm only there to use the databases and the scanner. It will take quite a while to get all those photos scanned.

And I almost forgot to write that two weeks ago I joined some of my colleagues to go bowling in Malmö. It's an annual event arranged by the social club. Dinner was also included, the food is great there. A very nice evening.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

One more project

I have been busy doing lots of research. One more visit to the archive was necessary. The book about Olga is almost finished. It will be about 75 pages. I have added photos and images, and I have to say that it was more challenging than expected. Some photos were in my camera, others as pdf-files and jpg-files.

I have already started on a new project. My great grandfather Arndt (Olga's brother) will be the next subject. Olga wrote a fair amount about him also in her almanacs and there are supposed to be letters he wrote to his brother. Arndt died before I was born, so I never met him. I think this project will be more difficult, because there isn't as much material as in Olga's case. We'll see how it goes.

I have made some excursions in Skåne (I have a train pass valid in the entire region). There was a mail order company which had a closing-down sale and had opened their storage to sell to the public. They sell arts and crafts material, like ribbons, Christmas decorations, souvenirs, beads and all kinds of ornaments. All of it was spread out in this large warehouse in random order (at least so it seemed). It took a long time to go through, but it was quite interesting. I got some small things, it was extremely cheap.

It was also time to get new sandals. There is one particular kind that I get, which is very heavy-duty black leather sandals. I walk a lot on concrete floors at work, so I need shoes with thick soles. Sometimes I buy them in Copenhagen, but last time I was there the store didn't have my size. There is another store in the southern part of Skåne which imports them, so I placed an order there and had to go on a long train ride to pick them up.

The fall weather changed from nice and sunny to very windy and rainy just over the last few days. I couldn't find my boots this morning (they might be in the attic), so I had to wear sneakers. Not a wise decision. I was soaked from head to toe (literally) when I came home this evening. It doesn't help much to use an umbrella, it soaks through after a while.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Shopping and research

There hasn't been much written here lately. I have been enjoying my free time. It's wonderful not to have to get out of bed at 5.45 AM. If it rains I can stay at home. Having this much freedom makes you look forward to retirement. The only thing I have to worry about is the book, and it's going better than I thought it would. I have written more than 40 pages now.

There have been some other things going on also. I went on a long train ride to Kristianstad to visit the dentist. Everything was fine. I went on an even longer train ride to far eastern Skåne to visit a large discount store, but that was a disappoinment. For one thing, the hygiene products I like were more expensive there, and the difference was large. I get shampoo for 19 SEK normally, and here it cost 33 SEK. Not what I call discount. I bought nothing. But the local pizza place had nice pizzas.

Two weeks ago it was Culture Night in Lund and I watched some bands play in the streets. The Geological Survey Institute had engaged a rock band to play (and I wonder if anyone gets the joke)... I also went to the History Museum, which had changed several of their exhibits recently. I saw the zoological display, the history of the Church of Dome (it's almost 1000 years old), an exhibit on Death and a few more. Rather interesting.

I have also been on a few shopping trips to different cities. I made one more visit to Ikea and got a new bathroom mat.

Wednesday I went to the regional archive, which is at the same place as we have the library's book storage. I know the people who work there, not only for that reason, but also because I have done research at  the archive on and off for more than 25 years. The staff spotted me right away and asked what I did in the reading room. The answer was research, of course. They have more databases than I can access from the library. One of the major databases, the index of Swedish deaths, had been updated, so it's now complete 1901-2013. I found some more details to add to the genealogy files. I tried to get more information for Olga's ancestor chart, but the old records were very hard to read. Several decades of birth books were missing also, so I didn't find much there.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Copenhagen visit

Last weekend I spent mostly at work, both to find articles for the Historical Society and to do research for the book about Olga. I have now found out that the gravestone for Olga and her parents has been destroyed by the cemetery administration. Very annoying, but there is nothing to do about it.

Sunday afternoon the northbound trains were cancelled, so after three different bus-rides I arrived at the summerhouse. It was time to make everything ready for the winter season. I helped my mother putting away the garden furniture and move the flower pots inside. We also tried to finish the food in the freezer. I was given some of it to take home, so now I have three different homemade marmalades. My mother has now returned to Borås for the winter.

Yesterday I made a short trip abroad - to Copenhagen. I had checked where some of the thrift stores were located, which meant going to several areas of the city I had never been to before. One other store, which was completely dedicated to the art of baking, was fun to see. I also went to Field's, the biggest mall in Scandinavia, with about 140 shops. The trip resulted in only two new tops, but it was still a nice visit, although tiring.

And my father's annual hunting trip to the north was not successful this year - no moose.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Visit to Halmstad

The new Ikea-catalogue provided inspiration for interior design, so Friday I went to Helsingborg to check out the new collection. I bought a shoe rack for the hall and a small but practical hook to be attached to the exterior of a wardrobe. It's meant to be for hanging clothes on temporarily, for the next day or for when you iron them. Saturday I went to the nearest mall to get more practical hooks, this time I found some to hang over the wardrobe doors and also on the side of a bookcase.

I got a task from the historical society, they wanted me to gather material about an event in Swedish history just before World War I started in 1914. I went to the library to do research. I hid in the newspaper room in the basement, but there were still colleagues who spotted me. No, they were not surprised to see me. Today I continued the research by going to the city library in Malmö, because they had a book I couldn't find at my library. Really surprising, as we should have all Swedish books. This one might be in our ephemera collection though, and it takes such a long time to find it, since there is no catalogue of that collection. It was easier to get the book in Malmö, and I only needed to write a few things down from it.

Yesterday I went to Halmstad by train. It's the city in Halland province where Aunt Olga lived. I knew from prior visits that it's a large city and of course the places I needed to go to were spread out in almost every direction. The cemetery, museum, library and train station are not close to one another. After an entire day of walking I was very tired.

At the cemetery I actually couldn't find Olga's grave. Slightly disturbing. I have sent an e-mail to the cemetery office to ask if it still exists. I hope I have somehow missed it, since it's a very large cemetery. I knew it was there a few years ago and I have a photo of it. They sometimes remove gravestones if there are no known family members left. I did find the other two graves belonging to this family. At one there were nettles growing in front of it. I made an effort and dug them up. It's sad that no one has the opportunity to attend these graves, but we all live far away from there.

The visit to the museum was not productive, as they didn't have any photos of my relatives or the houses they had lived in. It was, honestly, a very long shot, but you never know. At the city library I browsed the local history collection. I was looking for information about the schools my relatives had attended and found some details in various books. I noticed that the library had a database of old vital records for most of the parishes in Halland province. Too bad I didn't know this - I didn't bring Olga's ancestor chart. There are some death dates missing on it, and I might have been able to find them easily in this database. Those particular church records are very hard to decipher, so it would have helped a lot. I might have to visit Halmstad again soon. It's a nice city, beautifully situated by the west coast, with the Nissan river flowing through it. There are very nice parks and bridges. The library is also special, it's a big glass house extending out over the river.