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Thursday, January 24, 2008


Today I had to give a speech in front of about 80 of my colleagues. Not my kind of thing, generally speaking. I didn't look forward to it, but it turned out great, actually. Mainly I think this was because it was in co-operation with a colleague. I didn't have to stand up there by myself. We received a lot of praise for the presentation. The topic was a project we are involved in regarding technical solutions in the stacks. The flow of book requests is complicated, the orders come from several different database systems and there are also handwritten requests. The goal is to get these different systems to "talk" to each other and produce requests looking basically the same (it varies a lot now). We are also working with a digital "message board", which is a system for communicating with he patron. Now, if anyone thought I have the knowledge to get databases to talk to each other, think again. About two years ago there was a computer nerd employed in the stacks, and he has come up with several technical improvements. We are all very happy about this, because it has made our work easier.

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