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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

End of holiday season

The previous weekend is traditionally the time when you take down the Christmas ornaments, and I followed the tradition this year. It's supposed to be 20 days after Christmas. It was a lot of work to exchange the curtains, get all the decorations off the tree, and drag the tree up to the attic again, not to mention the cleaning afterwards. Even though I didn't have a real tree, it still got pretty dusty in the room.

Over the weekend I also managed to purchase four Leroy Anderson LP:s from the 1960s. I found them for sale on Swedish ebay, and I bought them right away. They arrived by mail yesterday, and they are in very good condition. I wanted them primarily for the covers (to have at the exhibits), but I might also try to find an old record player so that I can listen to them.

The news of the Leroy Anderson jubilee year is spreading. People call me from all over Sweden to ask about the centennial. I do my best to enlighten people, and I have to say that I'm glad the technical aids are so advanced these days that I can send lots of information material via e-mail. Sometimes I think of the world before the internet, and wonder how we really managed.....

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Nancy said...

"Sometimes I think of the world before the internet, and wonder how we really managed.....' I was teaching a computer class today, Therese, and I expressed the very same feelings to the class. How did we survive? I am so dependent on this tool. Nancy USA