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Monday, January 28, 2008

Boring weekend again

The weekend was rather boring. The most exciting event occurred when my mother called me to ask for a clue to a crossword puzzle. She lacked the proper name for fishing line. Fascinating, isn't it? Apart from that, I watched sports on TV. Swedes are pretty good at skiing, both cross country and downhill. There were competitions in Canmore, Canada this weekend and it was shown on TV here. A Swede won the cross country sprint. The European championship in figure skating was also held this weekend, and I saw some of it too.

I started the thing I really was supposed to do - write texts for the Leroy Anderson exhibit - far too late on Sunday night. But it went better than I thought, so I stayed up late to finish that part of it. I used most of the afternoon at work today printing and editing the texts and images. There are a few more things to do (I keep finding new interesting items to include), but the main structure is done.

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