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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Interesting movie

Last weekend was once again spent with family members. My sister and her family visited my mother last week, and when I arrived there Friday, I was met by my nephew John. He was jumping up and down with excitement when he saw me. I have somehow got a reputation of being an expert on building playing-huts (by taking some mattresses and blankets and build a small "house"). We started immediately by pretending that a bunk-bed was a boat and added a wall to it by hanging a blanket over the side. Very easy to do, and with great results. John sat in the "boat" and collected his toys and other items from the furniture nearby.

Saturday my sister, her husband and I went to Kristianstad to see a Swedish movie called Arn. It's one of the most expensive movies ever made here. It's set in 12th century Sweden, and tells the story of a man named Arn Magnusson, who grows up at a monastery, where he is trained in the arts of fencing and archery. He gets involved in the assassination of the king, and later, after being unlucky in love, he is forced to leave. He is sent to Jerusalem as a templar, and tries, quite successfully, to defend the city. It was an interesting movie, both for historical and entertainment reasons.

Sunday we walked down to the beach in the morning. It was around zero centigrades and very windy. But John is crazy about water and probably didn't notice the cold weather. He was busy trying to "catch" the waves with a stick. After a while, we returned home and then we went for lunch at Furuboda. In the afternoon, my sister and her family returned to Borås.

Monday I was once again scheduled for a dentist appointment, but for the second time they called and cancelled. The dentist was sick. Instead my mother and I went to town. Rather surprisingly, none of us bought anything. We had lunch at a cafe, and then I had a meeting with the city librarian to hand over some exhibit material and talk about the display we are going to do there on February 2. Later, there was another Leroy Anderson meeting also, and then I returned to Kävlinge by train.

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