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Friday, December 31, 2010

Last days of 2010

I can't believe another year has passed soon. Time really flies. For the upcoming year there are no specific plans. It will be mostly work, I guess. I would have liked to make another trip to the US someday. It has been a while now, it's about two years since my last visit.

I have no plans for this evening either, apart from making a salmon dinner and watching TV. There are usually pretty good movies shown during the holidays.

The three working days this week were occasionally busy. It was just me and one other guy working half time. We had to help the others also, so we had a few things to do. Many people take vacation at this time of year, so we were rather few on the staff. And then some people can't come to work because of the snow drift and cancelled trains. The service on my line is down to one train an hour now, and it's not like it's on time or anything. Every day is a challenge, mostly because of this. Remarkable that the weather can cause such problems here. I have heard that there are weather issues also elsewhere, floods in Queensland and blizzards in large parts of the US.

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