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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Bad weather

We have pretty bad weather here. Lots of snow and very windy. It was really cold to stand waiting at the station this Monday morning. The train I normally take was delayed. The next train was shorter than usual, and when passengers for two regular trains tried to board that one, some had to be left on the platform. I was one of them. The next train arrived two minutes before another one, so there were passengers for two trains also for that one. But I made it onboard. I arrived at work forty minutes too late and it's a long time in my world, because we have a deadline. The train service has been working on and off this week, making life a little difficult. One of my colleagues didn't make it to work today, for instance. She was snowed in.

It was of course my turn to drive to the remote storages this week. The first problem was to dig out the car, the second to get the doors open, and the third, and biggest problem, was to make it back without damages to me, the car or the books. Getting the car started was no problem at all, and that was quite surprising. It was really slippery, and I was forced to drive on roads that were not plowed at all. Not my idea of fun. Still, I'm impressed by the fact that I remember the techniques for driving in such conditions.

It seems like our patrons have problems getting here, because they order books (online), but then they never come to pick them up. Desk duty today was very slow. Two visitors in total, and they had no questions, so I was bored.

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