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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Train and weather problems

Like I suspected, the train service hasn't been working that magnificently this week. It's not only the new train tunnel and all the technical pieces that have to fit, it's also the weather (snow, wind and ice). Mornings and evenings all the trains are delayed. I haven't bothered learning the new departure times, because right now it's useless. It doesn't matter when I go to the station, it's just luck if I catch a train without having to wait a long time.

There have been a lot of things going on here this week. Some good and some bad. Monday and Tuesday we had more requests than we normally would. Monday afternoon we got the new car for the storage round. We never thought we would see the day. It's a Volkswagen transport vehicle, so a little larger than an ordinary car. Bright red. I have been nervous about driving it, it's brand new and I'm not familiar with it, the weather is awful, and I'm worried I will damage it. It seems to be working quite well though, it's easy to manage and the breaks are definitely functioning (I tested).

Monday it was Lucia Day, but the only celebration was the saffron bun for the afternoon coffee. Later in the afternoon I heard a strange noise coming from an office three doors down the corridor. I didn't react until a colleague came rushing, saying something about "we have to call an ambulance". I ran out of my room to see what was going on, and met a colleague with blood pouring down from the top of her head. The entire light fixture had fallen down onto her. She seemed to be shocked so I grabbed hold of her, moving her in the direction of the bathroom. I couldn't see how deep the wound was, but suspected it was pretty deep, since the amount of blood was huge. My other colleague had the sense of contacting the janitor, who agreed on taking the wounded one to the emergency room. It is really close (600 meters) if you walk, but it was not an alternative. I stayed with her, trying to stop the blood flow (it was impossible) and then went with her to get her belongings, and followed her out to the car. I know that she is a level-headed person who can stand a lot, so I wasn't worried that she would faint. Afterwards we were three people who cleaned up the blood from the corridor and the bathroom. It wasn't easy, it dries quickly. A terrible accident, no one would have thought that the light in the ceiling could fall down like that. They have checked all of the lights now, to make sure they are properly fixed. The visit to the emergency room went well, she had bled all over the floor also there, so the nurse had taken her in right away. She was stitched up and is doing ok. When she came back to work yesterday she hugged me and also gave me a present for helping her.

Yesterday we were treated to Christmas style lunch by the employer. Salmon, herring, meatballs, sausages and more. Today my department head arranged coffee and cakes for us. Very tasty saffron cake. Also crullers (klenät) and chocolate pralines.

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Anonymous said...

Äntligen!!!Ny bil! och röd dessutom!
Vilket drama med kollegan tur att det gick bra.