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Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas celebration

It has been a very nice Christmas weekend. I made it to Göteborg by train, it was only about 40 minutes delayed. That's nothing compared to what other people have endured. Many people have spent Christmas at airports in Europe.

We had the traditional meal Friday with meatballs, roasted ham, herring, cheese, bread, Jansson's temptation and much else. Very tasty, and of course you eat too much. Santa, whose true identity one of the kids figured out, came knocking on the door and delivered some presents. He was in a hurry back to the north pole, so we handed out the rest of the presents ourselves. Some of my presents included a book with brownie recipes, necklace, bracelet, a bedding set, a calendar with photos of my sister's kids, Christmas ornaments (fabric hearts made by my mother), a scarf and several gift certificates. All of these things will come to good use.

Saturday we were tired, but went for a walk in the nearby park area. It was bitterly cold, so it was a short walk. For lunch we had lutfisk - at least the others liked it. I got some leftovers instead, and there was plenty to eat. In the late afternoon we drove to Borås. Sunday my mother treated us to homecooked lunch at her apartment. My nephew got a snowracer that he made use of in the hilly terrain near the house. He and I also spent a lot of time building things of Lego. Mostly space ships, helicopters and other vehicles.

This morning it was time to check out the after-Christmas sales. I got a tunic, a pair of shoes and some Christmas ornaments. I started my return trip at 3 pm and arrived home a little after 7 pm. All the connections worked (three different trains), and that was truly amazing. Let's see how it is tomorrow when I have to get to work. I can't stay at home, because I'm the only one working in the stacks, except for one part-timer.

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