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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas weather

The weather is still terrible and the train problems have reached new heights these past few days. The snow blows sideways and it's very cold. Saturday I was going to Malmö to go shopping the last presents. I went to two different malls, and the city traffic (buses) was basically running ok. When I was going home, I thought I would start from the new Malmö Central Station. A pretty big mistake. I will spare you the details of this ordeal, and just say that it took two and a half hours to get from there to Kävlinge. Normally it would take about 20 minutes. Just awful.

There hasn't been much to do at the library this week. Because of the weather not many people from outside Lund come in. I was really supposed to work today, but told my colleagues already yesterday that I can't make it. I knew what the weather forecast was like, and thought it to be useless to even try going anywhere today. I still remember how cold it was Tuesday to stand at the platform in 20 centigrades below zero, waiting for the delayed train. I have spent more than two hours every day travelling - one way (normally 30-40 minutes). My job isn't that important.

It remains to be seen if I can make it to Göteborg tomorrow morning. The traffic authority recommends that passengers bring plenty of food and drink, and extra warm clothes..... It doesn't sound particularly safe. It has happened a few times that trains have broken down in the middle of nowhere and the electricity went out. It is amazing to us that the infrastructure in this country stops functioning in the winter. This is the second winter with such weather, didn't they learn anything?

I have received some Christmas letters/e-mails from relatives and friends abroad. It is always nice to get news and updates from all of you. I have sent out my letter via e-mail, and if anyone was forgotten, please remind me. I hope you will all have a joyful holiday!

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