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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas decorating

I have taken it easy this weekend. The weather has been fierce. The snow fell sideways because of the high winds. It's nice to look at the frosty scenery through the window, but it's pretty cold to go out. I was just out briefly today to get groceries.

Friday evening I started my Christmas shopping in Lund. Like every year, it's difficult to shop for the family members. I haven't got wishlists from anyone yet. I don't have one myself either. I don't really need anything.

I spent a large part of this weekend decorating for the upcoming season. I changed the curtains, assembled the tree, applied tinsel, lights and the top star, and got all the candles, small santas and snowmen out on display. Everything looks very nice. Now it's only the rest of the tree decorating left.

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