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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Weekend at the summer house

Last Sunday I went to Helsingborg, both to a second hand store and to the large mall. At the first place I found a book that I know we don't have at the library, so I bought it. It's in the category Swedish biographica, and that's always of interest to our patrons. At the mall I got a top and a denim jacket.

The week at work was tolerable, even though one weakling was at home sick. Nothing special to report, really. On Friday afternoon I took the train + bus to my mother's summer house on the east coast. My mother, sister and her kids had been there the whole week. I arrived at 7 and was immediately asked by my nephew to build some Lego space ships. Late at night my brother-in-law also arrived on the last bus. Saturday we went to one second hand store (the largest one), and I got some Christmas ornaments. My sister found a much-needed Christmas tree stand among other things. In the afternoon the others attended a wedding, and my mother and I took the bus to town to see a friend of hers. We had coffee & cookies and later dinner (very tasty pizza) and then took the bus back in the evening. Transportation has become so much easier since the bus line was extended down to Furuboda about a year ago.

Today we didn't do much, apart from packing and trying to get everything into the car (one extra person and lots of other things had to be crammed in). We had lunch at Furuboda, and then the others drove back to Borås. I went by one bus and three trains (one seriously delayed) home. In addition to this, the time tables don't fit very well on Sundays, and the entire trip lasted almost four hours. It was so boring to wait in between trains, so I bought a magazine to read in Hässleholm. It's times like these when I wish I had a car.....

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