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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dry cup-cakes

There is even more snow now. I'm not sure I remember there to have been this kind of winter in southern Sweden before. There was that winter of 1979, which people here are comparing this one to, but I have no memory of it. I had to go home early from work also today. The snow drift is impressive and the high winds and freezing temperatures make all transportation very difficult. It said on the newspaper website that people have left their cars on the road and walked home because they couldn't continue driving. We'll see if I make it to work tomorrow. We have flexible hours, so I can come in anytime before 9 AM, but I really shouldn't be that late. If I arrive after 8, there are problems coping with the work load.

This past weekend I continued with the old almanacs, trying to figure out how to write Olga's life story. I have taken so many notes that it fills two writing pads in folio format. I will have problems picking out the entries, because there are so many interesting things to include.

Monday afternoon the board of the social club at work had a meeting. I thought I would make an effort and bake some chocolate+cinnamon cup-cakes to serve the others. The cakes didn't turn out that great, unfortunately. In retrospect, I should have taken more butter and more sugar. The dry cakes were eaten anyway. My colleagues are not that picky, apparently. At the meeting we managed to decide dates and places for several upcoming events, so it was pretty successful.

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