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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Lenten buns

Some of my colleagues were envious of my delicious salmon lunches, and rightfully so. It's sometimes difficult to come up with good recipes and vary the menus. I tend to make basically the same dishes, for instance sausage casserole, pasta with meatsauce and Thai chicken.

This week the employer treated us to the traditional Lenten buns. Very tasty wheat buns with whipped cream and almond paste.

The weather is milder here now, just about freezing temperature. It's snowing again, this time it's moist snow and not so slippery. There was a hearing in parliament today, where the railway company had to explain why they had failed so miserably to maintain the train service during this winter. It was the national train service company, not the local one in Skåne. They promised improvements, of course, but people find it hard to believe. One local train had derailed north of here this evening, causing massive train delays. Again, I was lucky and got on the "right" train home.

So far, Sweden has two gold medals in the Olympics. One in cross country skiing and one in biathlon. It's a little strange, but biathlon is pretty exciting to watch. It was possible to see it live, since it was in the evening our time. It's incredible that the athletes are willing to train that hard for it.

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