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Friday, February 12, 2010

Busy week

It has been a tough week at work. The other driver has been on vacation, so I was forced to drive the storage rounds. I haven't had any problems driving, actually. I tested the brakes on the slippery parts, so I knew how the car would react. Today I had to go back again to the first storage, though. I had made a mistake this morning and sent a request to the wrong place. Then half of the shelving system failed to co-operate. It wasn't movable at all. This usually solves itself until the next day, and I decided that those requests had to wait until Monday.

The weather hasn't been that bad, there isn't any more snow than last week. But they sure don't know how to plow the streets in this town. Even so, they have used up almost all the budget on it. We don't normally have winters like this, so there is not much money set aside for snow removal.

Later today the Olympic Games will start. Since it's in western Canada, there will be very little live viewing for us. Most of it will take place late evening until 5 AM our time. Swedish Television will broadcast everything, but it looks like I will only see some of the evening events. Nevertheless, we hope the Swedish team will do better than ever before and bring those medals home!

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