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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Book sale

There is only one event left in the Olympic games and that's the ice-hockey final between the US and Canada. Sweden got a total of eleven medals and that's a great result. The cross country skiers did best. The gold medal in curling (women's) was won after an incredible match against the homeland of curling, Canada. The audience was surprisingly quiet when it was clear, after the very last stone, that Sweden was the winner. I was awake until 2 pm Friday night to watch the game, but I gave up when Canada was in the lead by 4-2. I never thought that the Swedish team would be able to win, so I went to bed.

Saturday morning I went to Lund to look at the books offered at the annual book sale. It was interesting to see, but I didn't buy any. There was maybe one book with chocolate cake recipes that I might get later, but it's uncertain. I also did some shopping for a party the social club will host in March. It will have a safari theme, and it has been difficult to get suitable items for it. But I found napkins with elephants on and some small plastic toys in the shape of wild animals to have for decorations. We will also get candy shaped like monkeys and marshmallow bananas. In the afternoon I was at work to start writing that biography. I did some more genealogy on Olga's brother-in-law's family, since she had mentioned some of them in her almanacs. They seem to have been sailors. Two of his brothers were missing in the 1900 census, and I wonder if they might have emigrated. An American woman named Gladys (without surname) was mentioned as having sent letters to Olga's niece. There could be a connection there somehow.

The attentative reader of this blog (if there are any) might have noticed that I have only been to the mall once this year. This is mainly because of the bad weather. The weather is much better now, rather wet and mild. Still some snow on the ground, though. Today I intended on going to the mall by bus, but when I got to the bus stop the driver was unable to get the vehicle started. The batteries had died, and he called for another bus, but it took so long time that I gave up. I walked downtown Kävlinge and did some grocery shopping instead. This afternoon I spent almost two hours on the phone with another researcher. She will publish the travel diary written by Nils Nilsson during his emigrant journey to Australia in 1909. He was a relative of mine (on the Mattisson side) and she wanted more information about him and his family.

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