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Sunday, February 21, 2010

More Olympic medals

I made my own Lenten buns this week. Meaning I bought the individual ingredients and put it together. I didn't bake anything. There are limits.

I really wonder when this winter will end. It was great the first few weeks, but we are getting tired of all the snow now. A lot of it melted yesterday, but today it was freezing, so the roads are very icy. Mid-Sweden is experiening great difficulties because of the weather. During the night 2500 passengers were stuck onboard trains out on the tracks. That's what you have to count on when commuting with the national railway service......

The Swedish Olympic team has a total of six medals now. Last night I watched the incredibly exciting 30 km cross country race, where Sweden got the gold and bronze medals. The race was dramatic, with a Swede leading a large part of it by 15-20 seconds, but the others caught up on him just before the finish and he ended third.

This weekend was similar to the previous one, I have mostly watched TV. Also did the laundry today. I have made a plan for Olga's biography, with chapter headings and source list. It's an interesting project, I have never written anything like this before.

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Anette said...

Oscar skottade ner 60cm snö från garagetaket igår och John har snö upp till armhålorna när han ger sig ut i trädgården... Han nådde upp till garagetaket när han stod i högen som Oscar skottat ner...