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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Melting snow

It is my turn to drive the storage round this week. There have been some minor problems and Monday I refused because of the icy roads, but apart from that it has functioned. The roads are rather narrow because of the bad plowing, and getting out from the parking space at the library can be tricky. Starting there it's now like a one way street about 500 meters and I always seem to meet the huge postal service truck there. Yesterday I had to back up twice to let trucks pass by (both of them headed to the library).

It is raining right now and the weather is a lot milder than before. There is still snow, but it's rather wet. The spring flood might cause problems in a few days or weeks, there are enormous amounts of snow that will turn into water. My sister made a comment to one of the blogs and said that her husband had been shovelling snow from the garage roof, there had been 60 cm of snow there. They got more than we did here in the very south. In other parts of Sweden roofs of sports arenas have caved in from the pressure.

It's Thursday afternoon and I attend the manuscript reading room. There is one visitor. All members of stacks staff worked for her today, she asked for all the material we have about a certain trade union. Let's just say that there were a few items.

In the world of sports, Sweden got more Olympic medals. The 4 x 10 km cross country relay was also a very exciting race, and Sweden finally won. The cross country participants have done very well, but one wonders what happened to the ice-hockey team. They lost against Slovakia and is out of the tournament. What a disgrace.

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