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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Summer weather

It's practically summer weather here. It's very warm and sunny. The trees and flowers are blooming extensively, and the allergy season has started. Even I, who have no allergies, have noticed the pollen. Many of my colleagues sit outside on the deck on the breaks, but not me. I sneeze a lot when I'm outside if the sun is shining brightly, and then I get a headache, usually. I do prefer the winter season.....

We had the first social club board meeting with the new members this Tuesday, and the only thing we decided was to have a picnic in the beginning of June. We do this every year to mark the end of the semester. We will play boules and eat subs.

Tomorrow I will travel to my sister's place in BorĂ¥s and spend the weekend there. It's May Day on Friday, which is our Labor Day.

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