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Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter weekend

Wednesday we had the annual board meeting of the social club at work. We elected some new members and discussed the financial statements. Afterwards one of the scholars at the university held a lecture on the ghost stories he had encountered while searching for material for his thesis on 17th century noble estates. Very interesting, especially the fact that the stories have survived for so long. We ended the evening with a salmon buffet and wine.

Thursday I went by train and bus to Åhus after work, and was picked up there. My mother had temporarily moved to her house in Nyehusen and we spent Easter weekend there with Anette and her family too. My father visited Thursday to play with John, they had assembled some sort of garage with planks and real nails, for instance.

Easter is traditionally the time when many sculptors, painters and other artists display their works here. Many people (and I mean MANY people) tour entire Skåne to see as many of these displays as possible. We saw a little of the displays in Kivik and Kristianstad. We also did some shopping at the juice factory and outlet stores in Kivik.

Sunday was a busy day. We started in Kristianstad by looking at some art and then we had lunch at the Swedish hamburger place Max. The afternoon was spent at my uncle's farm in Övarp, where John rushed from the cows to the tractors to the forest machines to the sheep and then to the calves in the stable. Lots of interesting things to look at for a soon-to-be four year old. The evening was spent at one of my mother's friends where we had Easter dinner: herring, salmon, Jansson's temptation, meatballs and eggs. Lots of food and all of it very tasty.

My birthday was celebrated (sort of) and I received some chocolate, an Easter decoration John had made (an Easter witch on a broomstick), a figurine (doll) from India and a necklace my mother had made.

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