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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Archive visit again

When I wrote that there are no written instructions for the job in the stacks, I meant that there aren't any for the normal retrieval and shelving. It's only when you can't find a specific book that you need some guidance. The document I wrote about where to look and what could be wrong if a book is missing/not on the shelf is nine pages long. The list of the categories of books not for home-loan is four pages long. The list of all the categories of books in the library is an Excel document on more than 100 lines, and it's the abbreviated version. We have more than seven million volumes to keep track of. It's an old book collection, and the old way of keeping them on the shelves is still in use. It takes years of training before you can decipher all the shelf marks correctly and actually find the requested book. To add to the fun, we put our books on the shelves from the bottom and up!

This weekend was full of activities, some more enjoyable than others. Saturday morning I got out of bed at 7 in order to get to the flea market in Lund early. It's people standing in a long row alongside an alley, displaying what they sell on tables or blankets on the ground. They sell just about everything; toys, clothes, kitchenware, comic books, antiques, jewelry and Christmas decorations. After about two hours (and one small purchase, fabric for my mother), I took the bus out to the archive. I searched the database with burials quite a lot, and got several new details.

Today I went through all my clothes and threw some of them out. I also went through all the cupboards and cleared things out. I will give the items to my mother for further delivery to the flea market at Furuboda this summer. It was things I never used or didn't want any more. I know there are some things to be disposed of in the attic, and that's the next project. The laundry, recycling plastic/glass and grocery shopping were also done today. This evening I have tried to get my picasa website to function the way I want it to, and that has taken hours. Now the Apartment album has been updated, and there are some new albums. One with family photos and another with gravestones. I'm working on one with photos from Lund, but there are only two photos right now, so it's not much to see. You will need an invitation to see these photos, and the only way to get that is to contact me.

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