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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Quiet birthday

This weekend it was very nice weather, and I started preparing the balcony for the summer season. I cleaned the rail and the windows, and tried to make the floor more tidy. The furniture is not out yet, but I will bring it down from the attic pretty soon, I think.

My birthday was a quiet one. Not much happened. Some people called to congratulate me and I got some electronic birthday greetings. Thank you! I spent hours entering photos into albums. I noticed that I hadn't written any captions for the photos since late 2007, so I did that now. In order to write the correct dates I had to dig out the old calendars. It made me realize how fast time really flies. I re-lived the Leroy Anderson Centennial last year through the pictures, what a great experience it was!

It's Easter week here and a little slower at work. It's my turn to drive to the remote storages and it's pretty heavy work. The boxes with books are not easy to get in and out of the car, up and down from the loading ramps in four different places in all directions from the library. It takes hours and is the part of the work no one likes.

On Thursday I will travel to my mother's place in Nyehusen. She has temporarily moved back to spend Easter there. Anette and her family will be there too.

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