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Thursday, April 2, 2009


Spring is definitely here. There are many colorful flowers blooming in the park in front of the library. Many snowdrops and some small yellow flowers that are named winter aconites in English, according to a dictionary. It's so much lighter out now, and because of the daylight savings time it's light later in the evening. This is when I start getting to see the city in something else than darkness. This is also the start of the "going to bed at midnight & waking up at four"-routine. I have problems sleeping during the bright times.

I have no particular travel plans for this year. It's a little bit too expensive to go somewhere right now. The exchange rates are really not favorable. I was so lucky to go to the US when the Swedish krona was worth more. The only advantage is that everything in Sweden is cheap for other people, so we are expecting a lot of foreign tourists this summer. The financial situation for Sweden in general is not that great. Thousands of people have lost their jobs, and it doesn't seem to get any better. I am "lucky" to be employed by a university (which is government funded). My job is fairly safe, especially since several of my colleagues will retire within the next few years. The problem is that they will not be replaced.

I talked to my father a few days ago. He said he was just about to work his last day as a lumber jack. His knees are bothering him after so many years of hard work. He will retire before the official age (which is 65). He will be 63 this year. I'm sure he will find other things to do, he said something about his house being in need of repairs.

If anyone of my relatives in foreign countries has plans for a trip this way, would you please tell me.

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