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Sunday, April 26, 2009

More flea markets

The desk duty on Thursday was rather boring. There were few visitors, and the ones who came managed on their own. I used the time to compare shelving systems on the two company websites we have to choose from. They are similar in construction, so I don't really know which would be best.

Yesterday I did the same as last Saturday - started at the flea market in Lund and then went on to the archive. It was an even bigger flea market than last time. Made some small finds, mainly fabric for my mother's production of aprons and oven mittens. I found one piece of fabric with chanterelles on, it was unusual. Also three egg cups for my collection.

I learned yesterday from some people who were selling clothes that the flea market at a square in Malmö was worth visiting, so today I went there also. I brought the backpack this time, and I filled it with fabric of different kinds. Two pieces (a curtain) with horses on that I was thinking could be used for a children's apron, for instance. Also two large pieces of a thick, black fabric that will give eight aprons. This I had to fight for, it was too expensive for my taste, so I let it be and went on to other stalls. On the third try I got the price down so that it was worth buying (40 SEK). We'll see if my mother needs all this fabric, I really think she has enough. It's just so fun to go shopping!

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