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Monday, March 30, 2009

Two more lectures

Last week I gave two more lectures with the same content, and my colleagues were active participants. I think at least seven people found their relatives in the books I had brought to show. It was, without a doubt, the most fun lecture I have even given! (I have been asked to do more lectures this fall). Today I left the two carts with books in my room, and I invited the colleagues who were unable to come to the lectures, so that they also got a chance to see the books.

About a week ago the university library made the headlines for something rather unpleasant. The police was called to apprehend a man who had been harassing women in several places at the university. Information about this man had been out for months, and the staff at the circulation desk recognized him. The police came rushing right away (which surprised everybody, they are incredibly slow at other times). It's a huge relief for the young female students that this man is no longer out in the streets.

There have been one other incident recently at the library, involving the police. Someone had accidentally rubbed against the outlet for the alarm indicating violent assault and set it off - without knowing it. (We have never had any use for it, since we don't handle any money no one would think of trying to rob us). The alarm (which is silent) made two police officers with drawn and loaded guns charge into the library through the main entrance, scaring the living daylights out of the receptionist. It took a while before they could figure out what had happened (nothing!), and things settled down again. I missed both these incidents, since they happened later in the evening.

Last Tuesday there was a new TV series started that connected very much to family history research. In these programs (entitled Who do you think you are) a celebrity gets to know more about his/her ancestors. The first program was about the grandmother of a Swedish actress, and it was quite interesting. The grandmother had been brought up in a family with several foster siblings, and they had all lived in a one room apartment. The actress found many new clues to help her understand her grandmother's life.

This weekend there wasn't much activity here, apart from the usual laundry, grocery shopping and cooking. Sunday we started daylight savings time, and it was difficult to get out of bed this morning.

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