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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Gender equality

Long time ago since last update here. Sorry about the long silence. Last week was as busy as ever. Tuesday afternoon we participated in a workshop on gender equality at the workplace. Usually those things our boss say we have to go to are really boring, but this was quite interesting with examples taken from the university. Still, in this enlightened era, men and women do not have exactly the same opportunities for a career here. We have come a long way at the library, where half of the employees are men and half women. But within the different departments it's not that equal. In the stacks I'm the only woman, for instance. Not that I want that to change, really. The women who have been working in the stacks have been complaining a lot about the heavy work, so if there will ever be a new employee here, it will be a man, if I can get my opinion heard. Unfortunately, the budget is smaller than ever, and we will not be able to hire anyone within the next two years.

The desk duty on Thursday was rather fun. I kept getting interrupted by people asking a lot of questions, and it was great! It meant that I got use for my entire scope of knowledge, answering these questions about noble family genealogy, where the manuscripts for a specific person were housed, book binding techniques and literature on that subject, Dutch heraldry and other more or less fascinating things.

At the end of last week I did some shopping. Friday afternoon I went to the mall in Lund called Nova. I hadn't been there in a long time. Did shop at H&M, a top. Saturday I went by bus to the mall called Center Syd. There is a shoe store there where I sometimes find good shoes. This time I found three pairs!

Yesterday I received the annual publication from the Historical Society in the mail. My article about the Swedish Leroy Anderson Centennial had been illustrated with photos, and I guess it was an improvement. I just didn't see why photos of me had to be included there. The other articles were interesting; some memoirs of a previous resident, history of early telephone service in the village and notes on the schools from the 19th century.

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