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Monday, May 4, 2009

Weekend in Borås

My last visit in Borås was in December, so it was a while ago. My sister and her family are having the bathroom and bedroom remodeled, and it's getting close to being finished. It has been a long process to get everything done, but it looks very nice. The bathroom is brand new with white tiles and a generous space for the shower.

On May Day we joined a group of other people for a hike in a natural preserve outside Borås. It was a wonderful and sunny day to go on an excursion, and we enjoyed the flowers and the view from the highest point. John was happy to climb among the rocks. Afterwards we had a picnic on the grass. We were also shown the old mill, which the local historical society there kept as a museum. The milling stone still worked and they have demonstrations of it a few times a year.

Saturday I walked about 500 meters (uphill) to my mother's apartment to visit her. I hadn't seen it since we painted it this Christmas. It was now furnished and decorated, and looked very cosy. She showed me the fabric she had, and I really don't think I need to buy anymore for her. She is a volunteer at a second hand store and can get fabric there cheaply. She has produced many aprons and oven mittens, and has also started to make necklaces. It's a very popular pastime here to use pearls to make your own jewelry. I got one she had made of fairly large brown glass pearls.

Sunday was spent shopping in the many stores in the area called Knalleland. This is an area known for clothes and textiles, and there are a few stores worth visiting. Sometimes even the chain stores sell their clothes cheaper here than in other cities, because the competition is really tough. I made some purchases; a flowery summer jacket, short blue jeans, a long shirt, black sandals and a bright yellow bathroom mat.

The return trip by train took longer than expected, because train number two was two hours late. To avoid annoyed customers they let us take the next available train instead, which was ok with me, since I had a first class ticket and got to sit down. The rest of the train was very crowded. It tends to get that when you squeeze in double amount of passengers. I missed my connection in Lund by seven minutes and went grocery shopping for about an hour (I walked slowly)..... I was at home by 10 p.m.

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