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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Danish ancestors

I used the hours at the archive Saturday to search for more information about my grandfather's Danish ancestors. His mother was born here in Sweden, but her parents were both from Denmark. I knew the Ellers had immigrated in the 1870s, but didn't have an exact date. I found it to be in 1874. There is a brief family history written by my great grandmother, so there are some names on the ancestor chart on that side. Doing research in Danish records is more difficult, because there are no household records. Only census records for some odd years, and the usual vital information (birth, marriage and death info). The problem is that you have to know where they lived. With the help of the extensive collections at my library and the internet, I now have more details about them. Some of the Ellers had prominent positions, one was a county governor and another a lieutenant colonel. The origin of the Eller family is believed to be in Strasbourg in present-day France. Back then (early 1600s), Strasbourg seems to have been an independent area. According to the legend, the Danish king Christian IV had invited Hans Wilhelm Eller from Strasbourg to become the fencing-master at the Royal Academy for Young Knights at Sorö.

On the way home from the archive the bus passed by one of the squares in Lund. It looked like it was time for another major clash between the police and an interest group. Lund is a liberal university town, and that means that it attracts groups with somewhat dubious intentions and/or views. This weekend the young rebels were planning on a demonstration and occupation of a few empty houses. It seems like most branches of law enforcement were there. Helicopters, equestrian units and large armored vehicles with police officers ready for riots. According to the newspaper, there have been about 30 arrests made. I'm glad I don't live in Lund.

Today was a rather slow day, but I got the laundry done. It was a big load, it was four weeks ago last time. Luckily, my interest in clothes shopping keeps the wardrobe full anyway.

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