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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Lots of shopping

There was a sale at one of the mail order companies, and it wasn't possible to resist. I got a lavender top, a grey cardigan, a blue skirt and quite a few pieces of underwear. The cost was smaller than the amount I had to spend on new work shoes this week: 1000 SEK. I need special heavy sandals with a very thick sole, since I walk all day on concrete floors.

There were only two events out of the ordinary at work this past week. When I was at a remote storage located in the basement of another library to retrieve the requested books, the fire alarm went off. Very annoying, especially since it was very obvious that it was a drill. There was no smoke in sight and the staff didn't leave the building. At the social club meeting I was elected vice chairman. It's uncertain what the actual duties are, if any.

My mother arrived here Friday evening for a visit. Saturday we drove to the big flea market in Lund. I had told her that it was huge and normally took two hours to go through, but she still didn't think it would be that enormous. There really is a lot to see. The best stalls are the ones where ordinary people sell their discarded stuff from the attic or elsewhere. These people generally don't know what things are worth..... You can find great bargains there. My mother did shop, mostly fabric (to make aprons) and necklaces (to get the pearls). We spent two hours there, but still didn't see all of it. From there we went on to Ikea in Malmö. This time I actually found it without a map, which on most other occasions have been difficult. I never drive in that area normally. It was not particularly crowded at Ikea, even though it was a Saturday. I got a new lamp as a delayed birthday present from my sister. (Thank you)! As a matter of fact, it's exactly the same as the one I had before. The old one stopped functioning after an attempted light bulb change where the bulb exploded. Very strange, since it also shot out the extension cord to the computer (but not the computer) at the other end of the room. Anyway, we did some shopping at Ikea, and even though the prices are low, the total amount always seem to surprise you. Afterwards we were tired and went back home to Kävlinge.

This morning we gathered all the junk I had at home and threw it away at the county recycling place on the other side of town. Among other things, three old suitcases and some cracked dinner plates. I got new plates at Ikea yesterday. It was great to get rid of all that junk, because it had filled up my attic space. Some of the usable things my mother took to be forwarded to the flea market at Furuboda this summer. At 11 we drove to Marieholm, a town known for its second hand stores. It's a small place, the population is 1500 and it's remarkable that there are so many stores there. We visited all of them, naturally. Also one outside the town. We did some minor purchases; one egg cup for my collection, decorative items and necklaces. It's also Mother's Day today and we celebrated by eating a chocolate Daim cake my mother had bought. After one of the busiest shopping weekends ever, she returned to her house on the east coast later this afternoon.

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