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Thursday, June 4, 2009


Monday the fire alarm interrupted work twice at the library. On both occasions I had to walk six floors down the stairway. The cause was (after a long while) discovered to be an engine for part of the air conditioning that had become over-heated. There was no real fire. Though it's reassuring to know that it takes only four minutes for the fire department to get here.

Tuesday evening the social club arranged a picnic in the city park. It included bagels, drinks and a boules tournament. We had a very good time eating, talking and trying to throw the ball in the right direction. I had bought the prizes at Ikea, and the winners were awarded a sun umbrella each. There were also beach towels and small bags for second and third teams. The whole thing was a great success and it was suggested that this tournament should be arranged once a year.

I write this during desk duty and I can't say it's overloaded with visitors. There is none at all at the moment. The first two weeks of June there are many other things going on in Lund; school graduations, balls and other parties and most of the students leave town around this time also. Later, in July and August, we get visitors that come here as tourists and those teachers who don't have time to do research during the semester.

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