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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Loud students

There has been a lot to do this week even though many students have left town. Today I was so busy that I totally blacked out and forgot to go to the meeting at 8.30. My boss couldn't call me because I was in the basement, two floors below ground level. She got hold of me later, when the meeting was over. If it had been really important, they would have found me. But I took part in the coffee and sandwiches we were treated to afterwards. It's a tradition in our department that marks the end of the semester.

Today's desk duty was rather busy. Some of the studied subjects included Kepler's books on astronomy, a Swedish-German society in the 1940s and the earliest Swedish language hymnal book from 1686. People's interests vary a lot.

Some days this week I have seen young women in long ball dresses walk (still in high heels) to the bus at 7 AM. They were on their way home from a student party. In the afternoons the high school students who graduate make their rounds in town with the ambition to be as loud as possible. They celebrate that high school is over by getting drunk and riding in the back of a large truck while shouting, singing (sort of) and playing music. It hasn't been that bad this year, mainly because of the lousy weather. But generally I try to stay away from the center of Lund this week.

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