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Sunday, June 28, 2009


The weather changed between Monday and Tuesday. We now have the sunny Swedish summer weather we have been waiting for the past month.

Tuesday evening I went back to my mother's place. Wednesday and Thursday we were busy unpacking an incredible amount of kitchenware, decorative items, electronic devices, fabric, curtains, paintings, prints, books, lamps, furniture, ceramic pots, jewelry and a whole lot of junk. Furuboda gets estates through wills and donations, and they sell most of the household items at the flea market. They sell the more expensive furniture and paintings at an auction house. The money acquired goes to the education center, making it possible to (among other things) arrange excursions and study visits for the handicapped students. The unpacking was hard work, and I'm glad I remembered to bring my work shoes so that I didn't get sore feet. There were more things to sell than last year. And it really is amazing what people will buy. The fleamarket on Friday was great fun! I sold books, of course. I had arranged the books in order, separating fiction and fact books. I even sorted the fact books in large subject areas. Once a librarian, always a librarian. My sister also helped out, she sold ceramics. She didn't sell that much, but then a woman came and said she would buy all the remaining items afterwards. The other things left will be donated to two second hand stores that give the incomes to charity.

During these days I have also had several icecreams, played with my nephew (especially Lego-building), solved the most difficult crossword puzzles with my sister and her husband (my mother wanted to send the puzzles in to win something), had several tasty lunches at Furuboda (we got that in return for the work at the fleamarket) and made a visit to the ocean (but the water was too cold for a swim). I returned home this afternoon and found my plants on the balcony in a sorrow state. Some of them might survive, but the roses were beyond hope.

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