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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hard work

The weather has been terrible here. Friday I endured a cold rain storm on the way to work and I was soaked when I got there. I changed all my clothes, and I'm lucky my closest colleagues are male and have no sense for fashion. The extra clothes I keep at work are for accidents like tomato sauce on the shirt, and not meant for exchange of the entire outfit. They said on TV that this has been the coldest beginning of June in 50 years. It has improved a little now, but it's still not really a Swedish summer.

This past weekend was rather boring and that was the intention. There has been too much going on lately, and I decided to stay at home and do very little. I gathered some of the documents on the floor and made two new files, making the total number of genealogy files 77. Sunday was laundry day, and the load was large.

I really earned my salary at work today. I moved about 60 shelf meters of books, and most of them were very heavy oversize books from the old collection. I worked with a colleague and we were both exhausted afterwards. Like usual, the people in the stacks get the heaviest work when our bosses can't plan things correctly (or not at all). We were told that the books housed in the third floor west wing had to be removed by Monday. What they failed to say was the fact that the cleaners would start already this Wednesday, and that shortened the time span considerably. There are fewer retrievals now since the semester ended, but we still have a lot to do, and this additional project messed things up quite a lot.

One of my American relatives, Mark A, will visit us in August. It will be great to see him again and we are planning for the grand tour of Skåne!

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