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Sunday, June 7, 2009

More balcony flowers

It has been a cold beginning of the summer. It's about 12-14 centigrades and there's a cold wind coming from the north. It's not a good start of the season.

Knowing that we are in a recession, the note stating my new salary surprised me. It was a fairly large pay raise, and I can't really figure out why. Not that I'm going to complain or anything.

The National Day, June 6, passed more or less unnoticed. There were some music and speeches on TV, but I can't say it's a big event here. I spent most of the day house cleaning.

Today my father and his girlfriend came to visit. He wanted to get rid of a few family heirlooms, some china plates with a rose pattern. I already had most of the set in my cupboards. We did some shopping at the mall in Löddeköpinge, but it was a pretty quick visit. I got some more flowers for the balcony, so now there are bluebells and a sunflower also. I had to get new ink cartridges for the printer and I'm sorry to say that they cost about the same as the printer itself. My father helped me exchange a lamp switch while he was here. It's great to know handy people.

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