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Saturday, April 4, 2009

First archive visit since September

Thursday evening I baked a cake. It was a long time ago I did that. The recipe called for an entire packet of brown sugar so it turned out to be pretty sweet. Of course I dropped the container on the floor and it made a pretty sticky mess. (The sugar that ended up on the floor was NOT used in the cake)! The cake was a great hit when I served it to my colleagues at the coffee break Friday morning. The event was my upcoming birthday (it's on the 5th). Thursday I also vacuumed my apartment (very, very needed). I had noticed that I was sneezing quite a lot at home......

This week I have talked to my father on the phone several times. The reason was the transcription of his travel diary from the trip to India in November. He is a little slow, but better late than never. I am the secretary, and now I have finished the six pages. It seems to have been an interesting trip, where he and his girlfriend got to see Taj Mahal, temples and forts. Also wild animals on a safari-tour. They especially noted the enormous amount of people and cows in the streets, and the spicy food.

Friday I received a package in the mail, the first birthday present. A very suitable item, a coaster with a text that referred to my uninterest in housework. Thank you, Eva! I also got a card from my grandfather, he wrote that he was feeling a little old...! He will be 95 in May.

Today I went to the archive in Lund for the first time since September 1st!!!! Can you believe it??!! I have suffered from symptoms of withdrawal for months, but I haven't been able to go before. It was a full day with research in different databases and church records. The archive was crowded, and I was lucky to get the last available seat. The research results left a lot to ask for, I only managed to solve one problem and then I used a very slow Ancestry-connection to do general searches about people from "my" parishes. But it was still useful, because the archive got a new database with burial records for entire Sweden (mostly late 19th to late 20th century). It seems to be a very practical database, since there is a gap in the published death records 1900-1947. I found several relatives that I didn't have the death dates for.

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Du är välkommen som man säger på engelska!