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Saturday, November 1, 2008


It's a big job unpacking all the things I brought home from the US. I'm almost done now. There were actually 27 new pieces of clothing, not counting the underwear. Also three pairs of shoes. There is no wonder my luggage was so heavy on the return trip. My large suitcase, which I bought very cheaply earlier this year, has made its last trip. The wheels are damaged and the fabric was torn when I got it at Copenhagen airport. It has served its purpose well, I used it this spring to transport exhibit material also.

My mother had been in my apartment to water the plants once during my absence. She had finished making the quilt and it was on my bed when I returned. It looks very nice, the colors match the interior in the bedroom very well.

Some of you asked about the weather in Sweden. It's cold. About 3 centigrades today and frost on the trees this morning. No real snow yet, but we are getting there soon. It's also very dark. By 5 in the afternoon it's pitch black.

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Nancy said...

In the US, we turned our clocks back one hour on Sunday. Sadly, it is now dark also in Chicago at 5p.m.

Twenty-seven new pieces of clothing! WOW! Now that's a sign of a great vacation!

Miss you!