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Sunday, November 16, 2008


Lots and lots of work..... Since one of the staff members will leave us soon, we had to do some re-organizing of the work. It meant that he will try to teach two others the things he knows (which is really impossible). So I had to take over more work from those two people, to give them time to learn. In addition to what I already do, I now also drive the car to the four remote storages to pick up the requested materials. It's physically demanding to load and unload the heavy crates with books, and it will be interesting to see how long my back can stand this.

Every evening I have been working on the travel diary. It has taken two weeks to get it written in Swedish, but now it's finally done. I will revise it one more time tomorrow, and then send it to my family members (and some others) here. I do these trips to the US not only for myself, but also for my Swedish relatives, most of whom can't travel there.

This past week I have been downtown Lund and also at Nova shopping center to check out what new clothes there are for sale. I wasn't that impressed. One of my favorite stores, Kappahl, had half price off the sales price, and I did get one top there. Apart from that there wasn't much to see.

It has been very rainy and windy this weekend, so I haven't been outdoors in two days. Today I did the laundry (first time since I came back, so it was a very big load). I have also been cooking for the future lunchboxes.

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