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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Another Leroy Anderson concert

Thursday I walked to the "post office" (a gas station) in the evening to pick up a package. My mother had entered my name in a slogan competition, and I won a breakfast kit including a toaster, a coffee maker and a water boiler. I actually needed a new toaster, but I don't know what to do with the other things. Perhaps I can give it away to someone as a Christmas present.

Friday after work I took the train to Kristianstad. My mother and I went to a very nice concert directed by Jonny Jangtun. It was mainly young people playing Leroy Anderson tunes (and some ABBA), with a 30 people choir and five dancers from Rickarum Byateater. It was a shorter version of the musical event they had done in Rickarum in August. I was very impressed by the choir, they sang Forgotten Dreams, Song of Jupiter and Sleigh Ride very well. The young guy playing the trumpet in Trumpeter's Lullaby was also talented.

Saturday we got up early to bake an apple pie, and then we did the usual flea market tour in Åhus. My mother needed more fabric for her sewing project (it's hard to believe, but she didn't have enough Christmas style fabric, even though I had been shopping for her both in Malmö and Lund). Lunch at home and then we picked up my aunt, visited the family graves in the Norra Strö cemetery, picked up the exhibit material at the historical society that had been there on display since June, and then finally arrived at our friend's house in Hanaskog village at about 4 PM. We had brought pizzas with us, and we had a nice time chatting with the Sjösten family. The apple pie was very much appreciated. It was rather late when we returned home after a busy day.

Today (Sunday) we were pretty tired, but still managed to clean the house a little. I went through the boxes with exhibit material, and also the bags with Christmas ornaments I had bought at the flea market in Åhus. They had put lots of different ornaments in plastic bags, and sold them for only 10 SEK each. Very cheap, and I couldn't resist it, there were very nice items in the bags. I returned to Kävlinge by bus, train and another train this evening.

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