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Friday, November 21, 2008

It's snowing

For the first time this season it's snowing here, and it's large snowflakes. It's very nice to sit inside and watch it, but it's pretty cold to be out in this weather. Slippery also. Today I made the wise decision to wear the coat my mother bought for me cheaply at the Red Cross second hand store earlier this year.

Tuesday I got a note in the mail saying I had a package to pick up at the "post office" (again, it's at a gas station about a ten minute walk away). It didn't say what the contents was, but I suspected it was a prize in a slogan competition. I was right. It was a (designed) pie tin, a serving spoon and a woven table runner. Nothing I needed, but nice things, so someone might get it as a Christmas present.

The work week didn't start that well. Monday I somehow managed to scrape the side of the company car against a concrete wall when I was going to park outside one of the remote storages. (Like I haven't parked there hundreds of times before).... The maintenance guy was not particularly happy when I returned to the library and told him what had happened. I think this was the third time I damage that car, and no one else has such a record. The work week continued to be pretty bad for various reasons. Someone got sick at the same time as someone else was on vacation, and then three guys were going to a job-related fair. I was all alone in the stacks Thursday, except for a few hours in the morning (luckily they helped out before going to the fair). We did manage anyway, because the requests to stacks decrease in number at the end of the semester. At this time it's starting to be more returns instead.

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oamaj what a day!
Eva i snöiga norr