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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Back in Sweden again

Tuesday Nancy and I had lunch at a German restaurant in Palatine, and then it was time for me to go to the airport. I had to pay for one extra bag this time. The JetBlue trip to Boston lasted about two hours, and I arrived at the Comfort Inn late in the evening. Got a room on the 7th floor in this recently built hotel.

Wednesday morning I got up early (because of the time zone difference) and decided to make use of the indoor swimming pool at the hotel. It was a nice facility and I was all alone there. Breakfast was included, and then I checked out but left my luggage in storage. I went with the hotel shuttle to the airport train station and after a short ride on the subway I arrived at the New England Aquarium. I spent a couple of hours there, looking at the water tanks with more or less colorful fish. Very popular place for school children on excursion. There was a large round tank in the middle, with a reef. It contained sharks, sea turtles, rays and many other species I don't even know the names for. Two of the staff members dived into this tank and handfed these animals. It was fascinating to see. The other smaller tanks were numerous and what I remember best are the grey-looking fish hiding in the sand, the anaconda sleeping in a tree, the electric eels, the bright blue frogs that didn't move, the large flat ray with a long tail that seemed to sail by in the round tank, the piranhas' scales glimmering in the dark and the jelly fish with long threads. I followed the previously established pattern and had lunch at Hard Rock Cafe. A very tasty chicken in herb sauce this time. Same dessert as the other occasions. It was very cold and windy in Boston, so I only did a little bit of sightseeing before heading back to the hotel again. Got my bags and was brought to the airport. Traveled with Icelandair late in the evening. The flight was boring and I couldn't sleep.

I changed planes in Iceland and arrived in Copenhagen around noon Thursday (Swedish time). Because of my cold I had problems with my ears, and it was not pleasant. It still isn't, because I can hardly hear anything on my right ear, it's clogged. Took the train from the airport, changed in Lund and arrived at my apartment in Kävlinge (after a very burdensome walk from the station) at around 2 p.m. I don't want to know how many hours I have been awake now, and I even plan on going to bed when I usually do here.

To all of you who made my trip so memorable and enjoyable I want to say a BIG THANK YOU!!!


Anette said...

Välkommen hem!

sverigesson said...

Hej Tessa
Har du en nya e-post addresse?
Kusin, Mark