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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Las Vegas

Monday I visited Diane, who was working at the Minneapolis Public Library in 1994, when I did my internship there. We have stayed in touch since then, and it was very nice to see her and the cat Licorice. Even though the cat was rather suspicious and didn't want to play with me. In the afternoon Randy came to pick me up, and I spent a few hours before the plane would leave at his parents place. It was one of the most "Swedishly" decorated houses I have ever seen. Enormous amounts of old (and some new) souvenirs and antiques. Nice jukebox that played 45's from Göingeflickorna. Amazing.

The flight to Las Vegas was very bumpy, and we were all very happy when the plane finally landed late Monday night. Linda and Thom brought me through the center of the town, The Strip. It's hard to describe it in words, the neon lights are everywhere, the hotels are huge, the Eiffel Tower, a pyramid, Statue of Liberty and other landmarks are copied here, there are lots of people. Tuesday Linda showed me two different shopping areas, and I did some minor purchases (two pairs of shoes for instance). In the evening we returned to the center of Las Vegas and walked around the casinos and watched the water show outside the Bellagio.

Wednesday we went by car to Hoover Dam, on the border to Arizona. It produces electricity and the lake gives Las Vegas water. Glad I'm not afraid of heights, the distance from the lake to the river down below is huge. Interesting place and a major tourist attraction. In the evening we saw a show in Vegas, it was called The Mentalist. He was like a mindreader that guessed (with the help of some statistics and tricks) peoples names and ages, and many other things. He was very talented, and there is no way I can explain how he did all of that.

Today is Thursday and in the afternoon I will travel on to Salt Lake City.

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