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Monday, September 15, 2008

Sunday in the city

Just before noon Anders, Jane and I went by subway to an Italian restaurant on Lexington Avenue. We met one of Jane's friends there, Margaret, who is originally from Iceland. We had a very nice meal and a very nice chat. Margaret had just purchased her own apartment and was in the middle of home design and furniture shopping.

After the meal we split up and I spent the afternoon in the city. I walked Lexington Avenue south. There was a street fair on several blocks down, and it was interesting to see what was offered in the lines of jewelry, ethnic food, New York City souvenirs and clothes. I did some bargain shopping at Bloomingdale's, one of the largest department stores. I found a long skirt marked down from 178 USD to 46, which is a great discount. I am very happy with that purchase. Eliza told me later that the brand is very well known.

Later in the afternoon I went by subway down to the same theater/bar we were at the day before, The Duplex. Jane and Anders wanted to see the Goldilocks show again, and I went with them. We were seated in the front this time, and we had a very good view of the set. It was once again a wonderful performance, the actors are really talented. It's incredible that they will learn all those lyrics for just three shows.

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Anonymous said...

Önskar att jag kunde se den teatern den verakr superbra! Kan du fråga vad lol betyder? Har sett det i en blogg av en tjej som bor i usa. Ska du gå på bibblan i NY? Får ju uppsatsvibbar...suck