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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Quilt making

Monday I had an appointment at the chiropractor's in the morning and afterwards I went to the library. There was not enough time last week to make all the preparations for my long absence, so I surprised my colleagues by stopping by on my first vacation day. It only took a few hours, and then I had lunch in town. I spent the afternoon at the archive.

Yesterday my mother came for a visit. We engaged ourselves in quilt making! I have collected some fabric and she brought some with her, and we had a good time choosing colors and patterns. In the afternoon we went to the mall in Lund also. In the evening I finally found the living descendants of the people in New London by searching the internet. It is so much easier these days to locate people.

My mother spent the night here, and today we have continued making the quilt for my bed. It's a long process and we didn't have enough fabric, so my mother will bring the pieces with her home. We have also put the balcony furniture in storage for the winter, thrown out the balcony flowers and changed the curtains in the kitchen.

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Anonymous said...

Ni är som flitiga bin. Ha det bra på din färd västerut. Om du hittar nån kul sak på Ben&Jerry så är jag spekulant.