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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Gutenberg Bibles

Friday I went to the Pierpont Morgan Library, which is a museum with sculptures, exhibits and rare books. It is the only institution in the world that has three Gutenberg Bibles. They were printed around 1450-1455 and are priceless. All three of them (a total of six volumes) were on display. Very finely decorated pages and an incredible craftmanship from so long ago. The other exhibit displayed sketches and books by Jean and Laurent de Brunhoff, who wrote the children's books about Babar, the elephant in the green suit. Another part of the museum were a few rooms from Mr Morgan's private home, containing his study and library. Unfortunately the books were behind glass doors and you were not allowed to touch them.

I spent the afternoon walking around in the city, and I ended up in the Garment District. There are lots of fabric and clothing stores with really affordable prices. It's mostly discount stores with last year's (or even earlier) collections. I found a sleeveless top for the amount of one dollar. I had dinner at a traditional American diner with very nice hamburgers. At around 8 p.m. I went on the tram back to Roosevelt Island. The view of Manhattan from the tram was postcard-like.

Saturday morning I said goodbye to the cat Audrey, and Eliza and I went in her car to Hartford, Connecticut. After about three hours we arrived at the Harriet Beecher Stowe house, which is now a museum. We took the guided tour of the house, and it was interesting to see the interiors and hear about her life. Later in the afternoon we arrived at the Vanilla Bean Cafe, where we met Jane and her friend Chris for a rather late lunch. After chatting and eating, Jane and I stopped by Eliza's house, which is a very old house situated in a wooded area at a beautiful pond. We had tea there, and then Jane and I returned to Thompson. In the evening her sons Anders and Lars and some of their friends arrived, and we had Thai food for dinner.

Today (Sunday) will be a traveling day. I will go by train from Springfield, Massachusetts to Burlington, Vermont.

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