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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Goldilocks show

Friday we really didn't do much, since Anders had the car all day. I reorganized my luggage and spent some time at the computer.

Saturday (yesterday) Anders, Jane and I drove to New York by car. It took about four hours. We are visiting Jane's friend Eliza who lives on Roosevelt Island just east of Manhattan. In the evening, we all went by subway to the southwestern part of Manhattan. We went to a restaurant, North Square. When we got there, part of the Anderson family was already there; Eleanor, Kurt and Ivan. Also Christopher Kerr with company. We had a nice meal including dessert (chocolate mousse with ice-cream and cookies), and the entire event took about 45 minutes. We were in a hurry to get to the theater in time. Just before 7 p.m. we arrived at The Duplex, which is a bar that occasionally shows cabarets. This weekend it was the musical Goldilocks, with lyrics by Walter and Jean Kerr (Christopher's parents) and music by Leroy Anderson. It turned out to be a fabulous show, so funny that even the cast members sometimes had problems keeping a straight face. Goldilocks is a comedy about a female silent moviestar who is persuaded to do one last film before getting married. There were nine people on stage with one pianist. It was a small format, but very well done. We all enjoyed the show tremendously, and Anders stayed on for a while afterwards to chat with the cast members.

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