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Friday, September 19, 2008


Wednesday I studied the subway map very carefully and managed to get to Bergen Street Station in Brooklyn by riding three different trains. I went there mainly to take a photo of a house for someone I had done research for. I noticed a mall a few blocks away, and decided to have lunch there. I had a chicken sandwich with a spicy sauce at Buffalo Wild Wings. It is hard to resist the low prices on clothes here. So I did some more shopping. 20 USD (120 SEK) for a pair of dress pants is cheap. I returned to Manhattan and spent the rest of the afternoon there, browsing, mostly. In the evening Eliza and I had dinner at the apartment, she made a tasty chicken dish with green beans. We sat on the balcony until almost midnight, it was a wonderful view of the Manhattan skyline.

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Anonymous said...

tack för lol! Det hade jag inte kunnat räkna ut. Låter mys att sitta på en manhattanbalkong.