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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Power failure

This Friday there was yet another incident at the library, but it was not serious. All of a sudden, there was a complete power failure. The students got upset because they lost their documents they had been writing on the computers. We couldn't lend any books or accept returns. One of my colleagues, who is bound to a wheelchair, couldn't get out of the house. The loan department staff was locked in when the (electric) security door stopped working (but they figured out how to get out after a while). After about 30 minutes, it was decided to have the building evacuated. When the last visitors were leaving, the power returned. No damages were reported.

Yesterday, my father was supposed to visit me. Unfortunately, he had to cancel it because he had had minor surgery in a finger on Friday and he was not allowed to do anything with his hand for two weeks. Instead I went to a mall in Malmรถ. I actually didn't buy much, only some groceries and Christmas cards.

The weather here is typical of the Swedish fall season - colder and with beautiful tree colors. I have thrown out the summer flowers from the balcony rack and planted heather there. It will, hopefully, last until the spring (if I remember to water it now and then).

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