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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Jubilee book

I was planning on writing this message from work, during the reading room desk duty, but I didn't have time. There weren't that many visitors, but someone phoned from Uppsala, wanting information about a 16th century book and she was very talkative. There was also a visit from other university libraries, staff from other manuscript departments wanted to see our (fairly new) reading room.

These past two days I have guided a German librarian who is doing her internship at Lund University. She also studied Scandinavian languages in Germany and her command of the Swedish language was very impressive. She learned quickly, and helped us retrieve books from the stacks.

I got my own copy of the book about the library's history published for the 100 year jubilee. It's almost 400 pages and many of my present and former colleagues have written the articles. I was surprised to find my name in it. The article was about the Swedish Dictionary Project (huge project, they are trying to document the history and use of all Swedish words ever), whose staff has and still is using the library's collections very much. The former head of the project expressed his gratitude for the assistance the staff in the stacks had given them, by retrieving a gigantic number of books for them during the past 90 years. It's very nice to know that the work we do in the stacks is appreciated.

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